National Certified Master Groomer Ann Curran
 National Certified Master Groomer Ann Curran

Nail Trims



Dog nail trim and dremel                               $20











We have  Nail trims Tuesday-Friday 9-4

                                                   Saturday by Appointment


Why is Nail Care Important?


There are many reasons why it is important to regularly trim and care for your dog and cat's nails. Not only does improper care cause health problems for the dog, it also causes problems for you and your belongings. Proper dog nail care helps to prevent a number of potential problems, which include:

• Ingrown toenails – causing redness, swelling, and discharge having a potent odor
• Sore feet and legs
• Joint pain
• Discomfort when walking
• Scratches to you, your furniture, and floors
• Punctures to soft floor coverings such as linoleum and vinyl
• Picking and tearing of furniture fabric, carpet, and rugs


Nail trims are a walk in service and do not require an appointment.   

Special needs will be addressed on an individual basis. 


If you need additional help or information, please contact us.


I recommend that your dog's nails be trimmed once a month. 




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