National Certified Master Groomer Ann Curran
 National Certified Master Groomer Ann Curran

Our Grooming Services

At Smiths Falls Pet Grooming we strive to give your pet the best grooming.  After booking your appointment you will receive an email confirmation.  Please feel free to reply to the email with instructions as well as pictures to help us determine the "look" that you would like for your pet.  

Please note, all grooming appointments require that the dogs be bathed and dried at this facility.  We don't perfrom services on home bathed dogs except for nail trims.  


Is your dog matted?  Brushing at home is free.  The price of our grooms does not include brushing matted dogs.  If your dog can be humanely dematted there will be an extra hourly fee.  

Dogs who cannot be humanely dematted will require shaving.  If shaving cannot be performed safely in our salon I will reccomend you take your dog to a groomer with a veterinarian on site who can assist the groomer if there are problems.  


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