National Certified Master Groomer Ann Curran
 National Certified Master Groomer Ann Curran

Salon Sanitation Commitment

At Smiths Falls Pet Grooming our tubs, cages, tools and tables are cleaned and sanitized between pets.  Your pets health and safety is our top priority.


You can help. 


Please don't bring your pet for grooming if he is sick. You wouldn't want to get your hair done if you feel unwell and neither does your pet.  And we don't want to risk spreading anything with other pets.


Please don't bring your pet for grooming if he has fleas.  A flea bath will only kill the fleas on the pet at that moment and the fleas and eggs that are in his environment will be waiting for him when he gets home. 

Dogs with fleas need to visit the veterinarian for a Topical flea treatment.  Your home needs to be sprayed with a product that kills fleas and eggs. 

Advantage and other flea treatments are best used as a prevention but they are helpful in the cure. 


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